Our Story:

The art of making a Kolhapuri is what sums up "Kolhart". Back in 2015, when Kolhart was launched, we decided on crafting footwear which makes a strong statement about your personality and the way shoes can carry you! Our leather crafted footwear range is for the modern women of today. We are always trying to create perfect Solemates for your everyday walks of life.

Why Kolhart?

The name Kolhart was coined as a redefinition of traditional Pietaan. The natives of subcontinent have been wearing Kolhapuries all their life and yet no branded ones are available in market. The idea was to brand a Kolhapuri and redefine this masterpiece in leather with an ultra comfortable sole  making it hip and trendy yet not losing its core value of been traditional. Handcrafted with love and a lot of hardwork. Kolhart truly defines "Art of Handicraft"